Arctic Lessons Learned Arena

One stop shop for Arctic incident reports to share experiences, contirbute to best practices and to mitigate future risks

The Lessons Learned Arena project aims to build a platform for emergency preparedness and response entities, relevant stakeholder groups in EPPR, and academia.

The repository is meant to be used for:

  • Sharing After Action Reports (AAR) from incidents and exercises
  • Identifying key capability gaps and best practices
  • Assisting in evaluation and planning of exercises
  • Providing a tool for analysis

This will contribute to a wider exchange of experiences and lessons learned from exercises and incidents, which in turn will have a positive effect on mitigating risks.

The main features will allow the user to search, upload, categorize and access AARs in a systematic and straightforward manner. The project will also look into implementing a simple sentiment or other comparative data analysis tool in order to identify the main capability gaps, predominant challenges, and best practices. This project aims to develop a functional database system for EPPR trial use based on user experience and relevant categorization.

The project is lead by Norway.

Project details