ICAMS - International Cooperation on Aerial Maritime Surveillance

Scarce resources, diverse ecosystems and remote communities separated by vast distances often characterize the Arctic and underscore the importance of international cooperation to enhance emergency preparedness and improve response operations.

International Cooperation on Aerial Maritime Surveillance (ICAMS) project focuses on aerial surveillance activities connected to acute pollution, search and rescue, and other emergency incidents. The project closely examines the capacities and capabilities of national aerial surveillance programs across participating Arctic and non-Arctic States to promote deeper international cooperation.

A broad suite of activities will establish a baseline knowledge of available resources and expertise, and gradually narrow focus through dialogues and exchanges that build familiarity between international counterparts and systems at the front lines of emergencies. Other expected outcomes include sharing lessons learned and best practices from the use of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft, earth observation satellites, and remotely piloted aircraft systems to support improved operational outcomes.

A final report will include analysis, findings, and recommendations for future work to enhance international cooperation on aerial surveillance for Arctic emergencies.