New Low-Sulphur Fuels - Fate and Behavior in Cold Water Conditions

Knowledge on New Low-Sulphur Fuels in the Arctic

The objective of the project is to gather knowledge on new fuels entering the market and their behaviour in cold conditions in regard of oil spill response.

The project is a joint project of EPPR and PAME and comprises of two parts, one for each Working Group. The project will produce one final report of both parts, so close cooperation between the groups is necessary.

The project will focus on Ultra-Low and Low-Sulphur hybrid and intermediate fuel oils. Comparisons and fact descriptions related to Low Sulphur Heavy Fuel Oils entering the market in January 2020 (IMO Global Sulphur Cap) will however be made. The main goal of the EPPR part of the projects is to describe why fuel oil from the same viscosity and ISO class behaves differently when spilled on a cold sea surface. Studies performed by the Norwegian Coastal Administration have revealed that the fate of such oils can be quite different even though their starting point in relation to viscosity and the segment the fuel fills in the fuel market is very similar.

Project details