Oil spill response

thumb Arctic Oil Pollution Research and Development Workshop Report
thumb Appendix IV: Operational Guidelines 2020, Agreement on Cooperation on Marine Oil Pollution Preparedness & Response in the Arctic
thumb Preventing and Responding to Oil Spills in the Arctic
thumb Legal Issues Related To The Agreement On Cooperation On Marine Oil Pollution Preparedness And Response In The Arctic (MOSPA) Summary Report
thumb Status Of Implementation: Framework Plan For Cooperation On Prevention Of Oil Pollution From Petroleum And Maritime Activities In The Marine Areas Of The Arctic
thumb Planning Guidance For MOSPA Exercises


thumb Radiological / nuclear risk assessment in the Arctic EPPR Consensus Report
thumb RADSAR report: Sharing of competence within search and rescue ina maritime radiological/nuclear scenario
thumb RADEX 2019 table-top exercise
thumb EPPR ARCSAFE Summary Status Report
thumb Exercise Assessing Consequences and Responding to Radiation Emergency in the North-West Region of Russia.
thumb Exercises and Drills


thumb Arctic Guardian joint table-top exercise - After Action Report
thumb RADEX 2019 table-top exercise
thumb Handbook Exercise "Arctic-2014" Murmansk June 23-24, 2014
thumb Final Report. Exercise “Arctic-2012”. Saida-Bay, Murmanskregion. June 19-21, 2012
thumb Final Report. Exercise "Arctic-2010". Snezhhnogorsk, July 28-29, 2010
thumb Final report. Exercise “Arctic-2008”. Severodvinsk, July 30 – August 1 2008

Safety, maps and other work

thumb Arctic Wildland Fire Sharing Circle Summary Report
thumb Search and Rescue Cooperation in the Arctic
thumb Arctic Marine Risk Assessment Guideline Fact Sheet
thumb Arctic Spill Response Database Query Tool User Guide (Version 1.03)
thumb Circumpolar Oil Spill Response Viability Analysis; Technical Report
thumb Final Report; Standardization as a Tool for Prevention of Oil Spills in the Arctic