Radiation Expert Group

The Radiation Expert Group, RAD EG, was established in 2019. The function of the RAD EG is to facilitate the implementation of the EPPR mandate and strategic plan framework in regard of radiological and nuclear emergencies.

The main areas of work

  • Cooperation with other relevant external bodies to disseminate and complement existing work in EPPR
  • Ensuring the incorporation of the most relevant international approaches in the radiation and nuclear related work in the EPPR
  • Collaborating with relevant bodies, fora and other AC Working Groups to enhance information sharing, capacity building and cooperation

RAD EG Mandate

RAD EG Co-Chair Dominique Nsengiyumva
Chief, Nuclear Emergency Preparedness and Response Division, Health Canada
RAD EG Co-Chair Inger Margrethe Eikelmann
Manager, Section for the High North, Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority

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