Arctic Marine Risk Assessment Guideline

Identifying a Need for a Common Approach to Marine Risk Assessments

Prevention, Preparedness and Response in Small Communities

Better Understanding of Preparedness and Risk Exposure in Small and Remote Communities

Circumpolar Wildland Fire Project

Circumpolar Coordination on Wildfire Prevention, Preparedness and Response

New Low-Sulphur Fuels - Fate and Behavior in Cold Water Conditions

Knowledge on New Low-Sulphur Fuels in the Arctic


Promoting Cooperation in Maritime Emergencies Potentially Releasing Radioactive Substances

Arctic Rescue

International Cooperation to Develop Arctic Emergency Preparedness

Review of Legal Issues Related to the MOSPA Agreement

Facilitating the implementation of MOSPA Agreement


Could expedition cruise vessels be an oil spill response asset in the Arctic?

Risks Project

Radiological and nuclear risk assessment in the Arctic

ICAMS - International Cooperation on Aerial Maritime Surveillance

Scarce resources, diverse ecosystems and remote communities separated by vast distances often characterize the Arctic and underscore the importance of international cooperation to enhance emergency preparedness and improve response operations.

Arctic Oil Spill Research and Development Initiative

Enhancing International Cooperation on Oil Spill R&D

Arctic Lessons Learned Arena

One stop shop for Arctic incident reports to share experiences, contirbute to best practices and to mitigate future risks